Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Why I shouldn't be allowed to dream

So there I was, in a big field with loads of people in, with Jonathon Ross on a big stage announcing the surnames that would get tickets to a big music thing. The letters that he read out didn't actually spell any surname that existed, so everyone was quite angry. The reason for this was due to some upcoming nuclear holocaust, that was made out to be my fault, when in fact it obviously wasn't. I then had to escape to some weird tube train/submarine thing to play about with something that looked like a cooker, but I now realise was the nuclear reactor from the end of "The World is Not Enough" starring Pierce Brosnin. I then had to sort out everything that had gone wrong with the help of John Cleese, Jonathon Ross and that actor who plays the bad Bank Manager in the Nationwide adverts, who now realised that I had been framed.

Apparently, the reason people thought that all this was my fault was because the icons in my start menu on my PC kept jumping around.

There was also a bit where I was at Pizza Hut in there somewhere.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Driving Lesson #1

Just come back from my first driving lesson. Much more fun than I was expecting. However, there are a few things I'd like to see addressed:
  1. All arcade racing game manufacturers from now on must include a clutch pedal. Or alternatively, a little electric shock buzzer that gives you a jolt everytime you use your left foot to press the brake. Years of Ridge Racer and Initial D have tought me that left foot is brake, right foot is acceleration. So when the instructor tells me to press down on the brake, my left foot instintively goes down. My left foot is on the clutch. The engine stalls. Horribly.
  2. Driving instructors should have the power to shoot people who get in my way, or behave inappropriately on the road. I held up a junction for a few minutes. A lot of very nice people had the patience to wait. One twat didn't, and MOUNTED THE PAVEMENT TO GO AROUND ME! See diagram:

Apart from that. Good fun.
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Thursday, July 21, 2005

More bad things...

It's always interesting to see how the news agencies cover these things. In the last few minutes, the news programs are reporting on something that no-one really knows anything about:

BBC: Street cordened off.

More as it happens. Or at least, as I hear about it happening.

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Collaborative Poster: Giant Peach

Collaborative Poster: Giant Peach
Originally uploaded by jbum.

Just found a mosaic of all the creative commons licensed photo's from the Squared Circle group.

3 of my photo's are in here. One of them I've found, (42,5) Can't find the other two though.

I wonder how much the poster will be?

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Final Fantasy Music on the UK iTunes store

I had my doubts, but they've finally managed it. I can finally, legally, purchase the final fantasy soundtracks.


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Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

After looking through my past purchases on, amazon told me that "You might be interested in sheepskin clothing".


Tuesday, July 12, 2005

High Game Radio

After my visitor count goes through the roof, thanks to some kind of foreign newspaper that I've never heard of linking to here, as well as some blog quoting site that again, I've never heard of, it might be a good idea to pimp one of the creative endeavers that I'm involved in.

High Game Radio - A podcast about Gaming, Gadgets, Movies & Anime.

First episode got recorded sometime last week, although due to technical difficulties with our editing software, it still isn't available yet.

Don't know what podcasting is? Check Wikipedia's article on the subject. Or even mine.

Feed to subscribe to is

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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blaire prepares to leave G8

I'm actually quite surprised he's done this, letting the G8 continue without him, after Britain's effort before the event. Then agan, if he needs to respond to this, it's best to do it in London with the heads of police, security and that COBRA thing etcetera.

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Bad things in London

BBC News cover the event.
Radio 5 Live seems to be covering the event the best. What I've heard so far from 5 Live, News 24, ITN and random strangers on IRC:
  • Small explosions on the Tube network. Power surges blames. Not sure if anyone took that seriously. Power surges don't cause explosions as far as I'm aware.
  • Tube network closed. Makes sense.
  • Bus explodes. Apparently no fatalities, but an eye witness claims that this is unlikely. This is when people decide it isn't power surges.
  • Reports come in of explosions on actual underground trains. No officially reported fatalities, but a BBC news cameraman claims he's seen at least one death in the tube network.
  • Zone 1 (Extreme inner city London) bus network closed.
  • Mobile phone networks get saturated in that area. Unusable.
  • Public told not to travel unless neccessary (duh).
  • "Swindon and Brighton railway stations evacuated because of security incidents."
  • "20 people supposedly dead." (Reported while I was writing this) EDIT: seems to have picked up on this quote. Official figure's remain at "At Least 2" according to the BBC. Although I can't remember where I heard the 20 figure from, it seems more like speculation than any hard fact. I'll update once I know the truth. EDIT: Sky News says 45 fatalities. This is much worse than I thought.
There's an interview with someone on the radio atm who says that it's quite likely that the underground stuff was unrelated to the overground stuff. Doubtful in my opinion, but certainly interesting.

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Not a cruise

Not a cruise
Originally uploaded by Defragged.

I've just come back from my mini-cruise in Southampton, where I saw
many beautiful things. However, because I'm a gimp, I forgot to take my
camera. Meaning that it spent the weekend in a cupboard somewhere in
the Midlands looking at this, while I spent the weekend watching lots of other people
with cameras looking smug.