Thursday, July 07, 2005

Bad things in London

BBC News cover the event.
Radio 5 Live seems to be covering the event the best. What I've heard so far from 5 Live, News 24, ITN and random strangers on IRC:
  • Small explosions on the Tube network. Power surges blames. Not sure if anyone took that seriously. Power surges don't cause explosions as far as I'm aware.
  • Tube network closed. Makes sense.
  • Bus explodes. Apparently no fatalities, but an eye witness claims that this is unlikely. This is when people decide it isn't power surges.
  • Reports come in of explosions on actual underground trains. No officially reported fatalities, but a BBC news cameraman claims he's seen at least one death in the tube network.
  • Zone 1 (Extreme inner city London) bus network closed.
  • Mobile phone networks get saturated in that area. Unusable.
  • Public told not to travel unless neccessary (duh).
  • "Swindon and Brighton railway stations evacuated because of security incidents."
  • "20 people supposedly dead." (Reported while I was writing this) EDIT: seems to have picked up on this quote. Official figure's remain at "At Least 2" according to the BBC. Although I can't remember where I heard the 20 figure from, it seems more like speculation than any hard fact. I'll update once I know the truth. EDIT: Sky News says 45 fatalities. This is much worse than I thought.
There's an interview with someone on the radio atm who says that it's quite likely that the underground stuff was unrelated to the overground stuff. Doubtful in my opinion, but certainly interesting.

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